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YONDA is a Holiday Club that's vastly different to what the industry is used to. The easiest way to explain it would be, we're like Netflix but for holidays, dining, tours, attractions and lifestyle products. We have been searching far and wide to bring together the best brands in the most desired locations to promote to thousands of our subscribers.


We truly value our partnerships, our focus is on forging and building long term relationships with brands that will achieve positive results, continued growth and deliver ongoing success by introducing your brand to a new audience of customers.

YONDA Holiday Club is a full service Leisure Travel Marketing company, working with some of Australasia’s leading leisure brands. We are revolutionising the way Australians & New Zealanders experience a holiday by not only scouting the best holiday experiences for our members, but also by working closely with our key partners, ensuring only the best end-to-end service, delivering exclusive packages and unforgettable holiday experiences.

YONDA delivers:

  • Maximise
    occupancy levels

  • Improve

  • Increase your
    restaurant covers

  • Maximise your
    tours & attraction bookings

  • Provide brand exposure across multiple marketing channels

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