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Our Top Turkey Must-Do’s

From the ancient port city of Ephesus (Efes) to the soaring Byzantine dome of Aya Sofya, Turkey has more than its fair share of world-famous ruins and monuments.


Turkey has something to offer for all travellers - discover Cappadocia, grab a kebab and wander through Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar, relax in the healing waters of a thermal Turkish bath or travel through the ancient Silk road. Exceptional landmarks, wonderful natural sceneries, historical legacies and a rich culture, Turkey is renowned for its hospitality and is always eager to please.


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Top 10 Things to Do in Turkey

  • Visit the spellbinding Byzantine glory of Aya Sofya Museum in Instanbul
  • Awe at the mighty ruin of Ephesus - one of the still standing Roman cities in the Mediterranean region
  • The swooping rock valleys of Cappadocia will make anyone think they are in a dream - best experienced with a hot air balloon ride
  • Topkapi Palace, a culture journey through the world of the sultans
  • Pamukkale, pure white travertine terraces and a famous natural wonder of Turkey
  • Sumela Monastery - along the Black Sea Coast - an empty monastery in Turkey's northeast region
  • Cruise along Turkey's mediterranean coastline and explore hidden coves, white sand beaches, and steep forest-clad slopes. 
  • Ölüdeniz, Turkey's most famous beach, is not only picture postcard perfect, but one of the world's top paragliding destinations
  • Antalya, a snug cobblestone town along the mediterranean coast, is picture perfect and will not disappoint
  • Ani, a city along the Silk Road, abandoned beautiful red-brick buildings, crumbling away amongst the steppe grass -  a historical monument from the 14th Century


Travel Tips for Turkey

  • Make the most of Turkish cuisine - it is some of the best cuisine in the world
  • Grand Bazaar in Istanbul’s Old City is the place to go for shopping!
  • Be respectful in a mosque - move slowly and be as quiet as possible
  • Get to know the language - knowing this will go a long way
  • Be aware of the proper dress etiquette and dress modestly
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