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Fiji, a place to escape where time is slower, decisions are simpler, and culturally rich experiences thrive through the islands.

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Our Top Fiji Must-Do’s

Fiji, a place to escape where time is slower, decisions are simpler, and culturally rich experiences thrive through the islands. 


Whether your letting love blossom, looking for thriving marine life, after a well-deserved break, or looking to explore evergreen landscapes and crystalline waterways - Fiji has it all, and for everyone. From perfect palm trees, dazzling sands, and water so blue it glows, the landscape in Fiji looks airbrushed while your options for adventure and relaxation are endless....



On the islands of Mamanucas and Yasawas, you’ll discover a mix of romance, relaxation, and volcanic archipelago. Where culture, tradition and nature meet you'll discover The Coral Coast. For a one-stop shop of resort experiences; family-filled activities to pampering - Denarau has you covered. And for seclusion and skipping the crowds - Kadavu is Fiji's untouched Eden.



When it comes to Fijian Accommodation, the choices are endless - from an idyllic island escape with Malolol Island Resort, adults-only retreat at Likuliku Lagoon Resort and Plantation Island Resort thriving with family packed activities, we've got a resort for everyone. To ensure you get the gaurentted Fijian holiday of your dreams, call us on 1800 773 656 to book now!



Top Things to Do in Fiji:


  • Do a day trip to Cloud 9 - a floating bar in the Mamanuca Islands where you'll be surrounded by turquoise waters around Roro Reef
  • Hike into Fiji's untouched and spectacular hinterland with Talanoa Treks
  • Day trip with Big Blue Fiji to snorkel through marine beauty at Mamanuca Island
  • With Fiji being one of the world's most legendary surf destinations, it's a must to book in for a Surf lesson at Malolol Island
  • Enrich yourself with a cultural adventure by the Sigatoka River Safari where you'll visit authentic Fijian villages and experience a Kava ceremony


Fiji Travel Trips:


  • Get used to Fijian time: embrace the saying "no hurry, no worries" and you'll find yourself feeling more relaxed then ever
  • Learn the greeting 'Bula': pronounced Boo-lah and meaning "life", is the national greeting, but make sure you say it with gusto
  • Kava ceremony: To truly embrace Fijian culture ensure you take part in a traditional Kava ceremony
  • No such thing as winter: Fiji is a tropical island, hot all year round, so make sure you bring your best summer gear with you!
  • Ensure you find the real 'Fiji': Venture of the main tourist trail and explore villages amongst the islands
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