Capturing the Gold Coast | a birds eye view of the GC's best beaches

Capturing the Gold Coast | a birds eye view of the GC's best beaches

If you ask any Gold Coast local they’ll tell you that you’d be pretty hard pressed to find somewhere as stunningly beautiful and liveable as the Gold Coast. Usually thought of as Australia’s nod to Miami Beach Florida, and commercialised in all its glory. For the unbeknownst traveller, and first-timer, the Gold Coast is home to some of the Country’s most remarkable and breathtaking landscapes.

Photographer James Richard, has unknowingly become a Gold Coast storyteller and purveyor, of how remarkable the landscapes and scenery are. Looking through his Instagram feed, the colours, year-long sunny days, and vibrancy of the Gold Coast lifestyle, are brought to life. Posting under the pseudonym @_harrrryy_, James has garnered the attention of Travel blogs, and photography enthusiasts alike.

We had a chat to James to talk all things Gold Coast, why it has become a destination for adventure, natural beauty, and sun, and how to get that Instagram worthy travel shot.

Go Further: Give us a bit of a background on you

James: A Gold Coast native, passionate about all things surfing, fashion design and photography.

RD: How did you get started in photography?

J: As a fashion designer, I have always been around photoshoots and meeting photographers, and it awe of the creativity and feeling that could be evoked through a good photograph. Around 5 years ago I injured my leg badly and needed something to fill the void left by not being able to be active, so I bought my first camera, and the rest is history.

RD: What are your Go-to spots and activities on the Gold Coast?

J: Burleigh Heads offers something for everyone. Great surf and beaches, a national park for exercising and a host of beachside cafes, bars and restaurants. What more could you want?

RD: What is your favourite location and view to shoot on the Gold Coast and why?

J: Currumbin Beach. It’s special to me because that’s where I grew up and learned to surf. The views here are spectacular, particularly at sunset when the Surfer’s Paradise skyline lights up.

RD: Best time of the day to shoot on the Gold Coast?

J: Definitely at sunrise and sunset. However, when shooting aerial shots I prefer mid-morning to really capture the clear blue colours of the ocean.

RD: What is your ultimate overseas destination to travel to and photograph?

J: Iceland. The dramatic natural scenery lends itself to some pretty spectacular photographic opportunities.

RD: How does it feel when you get that perfect shot?

J: I don’t think I’ve taken the perfect shot yet, but it certainly feels rewarding when I have a particular shot in mind and it turns out as I envisaged it. I have plenty of failures too!

RD: What are some tips you can give our readers on nailing the perfecting Instagram travel shot?

J: Look for compositions that incorporate an interesting foreground and background, rather than just pointing your camera at those mountains way off in the distance. It makes for much more interesting storytelling of your travels.

You can check out James’ photography on Instagram @_harrrryy_


Written by Rebecca Dickson